How long does it take for the bunk bed to be built, get it delivered?
:Typically, it takes about three to four weeks from order to delivery. There are certain times of the year that are busier than others. Once you are on the schedule I will let you know an approximate date for pickup or delivery.

What types of finishes do you offer on the bunk beds?

:The most popular and acceptable finish that I offer is an eco/child friendly finish that is made up of a natural oil and wax. The finish is much healthier and safe for your children. I also offer three types of stain finishes; they are Natural, Medium, and a dark stain.

Do you have a showroom?

:I do not have a showroom. However, I would love for you to visit the shop and see what I am working on. If you need to take a ferry over to Bainbridge I will pay the ferry cost of the trip over and you can enjoy a great time over on this side of the water.

What is the space between the top of the lower mattress and bottom of the upper rail for the top bunk?

:Based on a mattress thickness of 8", it is about 28". This allows plenty of space for you to sit and read to your child before bedtime. If you need more space than this we can customize (at no additional charge) the dimensions.

Do you offer a warranty?

:We offer a LIFETIME WARRANY on the frame of the bed. If anything happens to the frame of the bed whether it is cracking, splitting or any other defect in the wood we will replace it at no charge and no hassles!

What about safety?

:This is a top priority for me. When I built my first bunk bed for my kids I made sure that I researched and studied the safety guidelines set by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. We exceed the guidelines that they have put into place. You can be assured that your child will be safe on the bunk beds that we build.
For more information on the guidelines you can go to http://www.cpsc.gov/BUSINFO/regsumbunkbed.PDF.

What type of wood do you use?

:All of our bunk beds are made from hand selected Douglas Fir. This wood is beautiful, durable and is found locally in the Pacific Northwest. We source all of our wood from mills near Seattle.

Can I assemble the bunk bed myself?

:Yes. Our bunk beds can easily be assembled by you. We will help you with a few simple instructions and you will be on your way. Also, there are some basic tools needed: Socket wrench, electric or cordless drill.

Are your beds stackable?

:Our standard beds are not stackable. We have seen that the integrity of the bed structure is compromised when stacking two beds on top of one another. However, some customers have chosen to have them built this way and we can accommodate that request.

Can you make the bunk beds with different dimensions other than what is standard?

:Absolutely, if you have a larger mattress for instance we can stretch the bed and make it longer. Or, if you would like a little more headroom from the bottom bunk and the top bunk we can make that happen as well. Another way that we can customize is by creating a bed that may not be on our list. We welcome your design ideas and then can produce something unique for you!

What makes your beds different from the other companies out there?

:Working in the woodworking industry for over 18 years designing and building furniture has given me a great understanding of wood types, joinery, and finishes. For example, one of the things that separate us from the others in an exclusive hardwood dowel system that the lag bolts tie into when attaching the rails.
This exclusive Vertical Bunk Bed system creates an incredible, durable and long lasting joint that others cannot match. I also believe that being able to design and build bunk beds for my own kids has given me a greater understanding of how the beds should be put together.
What is important for my own children is just as important for the children of the families I am building them for.
One last thing, when buying a bunk bed from us you are supporting a local company that produces a product here in the USA. So many large manufacturers are having there beds produced in other countries with people who really may not care about the quality or construction.

Do you offer Trundle beds?

:We do offer trundle beds. What a great way to add another bed that takes up very little space. Another use of the trundle is to leave out the mattress and it becomes a place for toys, Legos, trains or whatever you want to be able to hide away.

Can I get a ladder for my bed?

:We do build ladders if necessary or desired. The bunk beds are designed in such a way that access to the top bunk is climbing up either side of the bunk, so a ladder is not needed and if saves space as well.

How do I order a bunk bed/ what do you accept as payment?

:Once a style is decided and any changes in design or dimensions are made a 50% deposit is required. The other 50% to be payed upon pickup or setup and delivery. Accepted payments include: cash, personal check, and paypal.

I don't see a certain bed that I want on your site. Can you custom build a bunk bed to fit my needs?

:With so many different dimensions of rooms and room configurations the standard dimensions that I have made for my beds don't always fit. Therefore, I have always been happy to squeeze, grow, or tweak the dimensions to fit what you need. .

What are the standard mattress sizes that fit in the bunk beds?
:Standard mattress sizes are as follows: Twin 39"width by 75" length, Twin XL 39"width by 80" length, Full 54"width by 75" length.